Benefits of an Underground Car Lift

Sometimes, a regular garage isn’t enough. In these instances, creative parking solutions like an underground car lift ensure you’re maximizing the space of your home. Vasari Lifts will make sure your individual parking lift needs are met. Optimize Parking with An Underground Car Lift As a homeowner, you shouldn’t have to worry about where you’re…

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Conveyor and Storage Rack Car Lift Parking System

We recently teamed up with our dealer, American Custom Lifts to help a homeowner in LA who did not want to give up livable space of their new home construction for the garage space required for their five cars. Under city ordinance, they had limited footprint above ground available.  So, our team of talented engineers…

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Showroom Garages: Showcasing Collector Vehicles As A Work Of Art

According to a recent article in Wall Street Journal, creating elaborate garages to showcase prize vehicles is becoming a trend among discerning car collectors. They are renovating homes, building newly constructed luxury garages, and installing car elevators to access underground showroom garages. They view their car as a collector piece similar to a fine art-painting…

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