Project Title

Vasari 4-Post Car Lift With Rotating Turntable Gives Colorado Homeowner A Parking System Uniquely Designed For His New Home.

The Challenge

A homeowner in Colorado was looking for a solution to park his automobile collection in his garage-gallery as part of his new home design. However, because of the structural design plans of his new house, a standard car lift design for driving on and off the lift in a forward or reverse direction would not be possible. Once the lift is lowered to the garage-gallery, a wall would block the cars from driving forward, and a staircase from behind the preventing a reverse direction. The challenge was to design a lift system with a side exit, so the vehicles could be driven into the garage-gallery and parked for showroom display. The other variable was designing a car lift that could support the varying degree of sizes and capacities of the owner’s vehicles.

The Vasari Solution

Initially, the design team had considered a double pantograph scissor lift because it is built with more steel and would handle the different vehicle capacities. A scissors style vehicle lift is also less intrusive to install. However, because of the material costs, this option would not fit within the project specs. To better fit the customer’s needs, our engineer’s began custom designing a Vasari 4-Post Parking Lift that would be bigger in size and structurally capable of holding up to 7,000 capacities. They built into the design a custom rotating platform that would solve for the obstruction in the garage-gallery allowing for the vehicles to rotate to the side and exit off the platform from that direction.

Product Family: Vasari

Model: #156VL4T70

Capacity: 7,000 pounds

Platform: 152 x 217

Travel: 156

Actuation: Electdraulic

Solution Benefits

The innovative design team of Vasari Parking Lifts created a unique parking lift solution compatible for the customer’s home design and solved around the obstructions. The Vasari 4-Post custom lift will give the customer the flexibility and versatility to load and unload the various size and makes of his automobile collection. The Vasari line of parking lifts are made by Autoquip Corporation, the premier North American manufacturer of customized lifting solutions since 1947. Our designers have extensive experience custom engineering material handling equipment for many industries and customizing features to fit specific applications. As part of this knowledge, they were able to customize a turntable to integrate with the car lift system to provide a safe an innovative way for the cars to exit the platform.