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Showroom Garages: Showcasing Collector Vehicles As A Work Of Art

According to a recent article in Wall Street Journal, creating elaborate garages to showcase prize vehicles is becoming a trend among discerning car collectors. They are renovating homes, building newly constructed luxury garages, and installing car elevators to access underground showroom garages. They view their car as a collector piece similar to a fine art-painting that should be displayed and admired.

Vasari has been assisting car enthusiast with their dream showrooms for decades. We have installed some of the most unique residential car lifts to fit the architectural space and lifestyle of our customers. For example, our most recent project still under construction will display (5) vehicles and will be visible from a family room. To display another customer’s classic car collection, we designed an underground garage lift with turntable. The homeowner’s classic car can be transported on the lift to the underground showroom and then displayed at parties by a slow rotating turntable.

How Vasari Can Help Car Enthusiast Show Off Their Collection:

  1. A custom designed car lift to meet functional requirements and preferences for your personal show-garage.
  2. Transfer one or multiple cars into your personalized underground showroom space.
  3. Quick access for lowering cars to underground showroom or moving up to driveway level.
  4. Car lift with turntable creates a showroom display area.

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By Candace Taylor for the Wall Street Journal
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