Residential Showroom Lift for garage - Vasari Lifts


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No, unless in NY there is a special code required.

Depends on the application and location, typically 10’ deep x 10’ wide x 20’ long plus a clear garage ceiling height of 9’.

Garage / Vault / Basement w/ or w/o access / Driveway / other.

Yes, Standalone = Application type / Recessed in lift platform.

Yes, Control access on each level with platform mounted controls.

Depends on the vehicle and the application.

Base model raise time is 7fpm/69sec, yes we have an option for increased speed.

Typical is at least 208VAC / 1PH / 60HZ.

Typically set up for 2 parking spaces but pending the application we can option 3 or more.

Standard power unit is no louder than a sewing machine or some washing machines.

The lift can operate on a back up generator if one is available, Options are battery back ups and or a manual pump like a floor jack.

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