What is Vasari Lifts?

What is Vasari

It’s Where Prestige Meets Functionality

Uniquely designed for an underground garage, showroom, or single car garage, we are committed to customizing each car lift to fit the architectural space and lifestyle of our customers.

Custom Engineered Parking Lift Systems

Vasari subterranean parking lifts are designed to provide the answer to your parking challenges. We offer a variety of Vasari car lift designs based on the unique needs of your residential application.

custom engineered

How It Works

Our premier style of car lifts is our 4-Post Design. This “hydro-mechanical” equalization system is designed by combining the power of direct acting hydraulic cylinders with the repeatable performance of mechanical equalization system.

Until needed, the VASARI lift remains out of sight and out of mind, leaving a clean, clear area above and around the upper-level floor opening when the lift is lowered.

When a vehicle is moved to the basement level on the lower deck, the lift’s top deck lowers and neatly nests into the garage floor to create parking space for other vehicles as normal.

The standard VASARI™ lift has double-deck construction, and each deck can support the weight of a 7,000-pound SUV.

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You’re In Good Hands

Our approach is simple. We offer superior customer service to architects, project managers, and homeowners who are ready to take their garages to the next level. We work hand-in-hand with your team to ensure the end result is just as intricate as you envisioned.

Warranty & Support

We have a deep commitment to your satisfaction. As such, we offer one of the best warranties in the industry and support of our car lift equipment.

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Warrantied Labor

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Structural Warranty

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Warrantied Parts

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