Vasari Lifts Company History

Company History

A Legacy of Innovative Car Lifts

Vasari began from the most esteemed legacy in our industry. Our automobile lifting technology was born from the Autoquip Corporation, the leading manufacturer of material lifting equipment. Utilizing Autoquip’s decades of lifting technological expertise, Vasari provides creative parking solutions and superior craftsmanship.

75 Years of Lifting Experience & Technology

Autoquip Corporation has been the established leader in custom material handling equipment since its founding in 1947. Headquartered in Guthrie, Oklahoma, Autoquip leverages its 75 years of experienced craftsmanship to offer their customers innovative solutions through a complete line of lifting products, control capabilities and integrative processes.

Our Cornerstones of Innovation

Your assets are our passion. To keep them in peak condition, we utilize our long legacy of lifting technology and manufacturing to guarantee safe, high-quality car lifts for the modern home.

Excellence is achieved only through experience.

We're proud to hail from 75 years of experience from our parent brand Autoquip, the leading manufacturer of superior lifting equipment. At Vasari, we channel Autoquip's expertise through inspired design providing creative solutions, superior craftsmanship, and an exclusive aesthetic you will not find from any other name.


Vasari car lifts are built to last.

Our commitment to quality is uncompromised, and the materials we use are of the highest quality in the industry. We use precision engineering and supremely skilled tradesmen to oversee every detail necessary for a lifetime of performance, durability, and reliability.


Smart engineering leads to endless opportunity.

Vasari’s expert team of engineers, coupled with emerging technologies in control systems and monitoring devices, can do just that. Utilizing hydraulic and mechanical systems enables us to continually evaluate and improve our designs, thus giving you the highest quality parking lift on the market.


Safety is our highest priority.

Our vehicle lifts are made to the highest applicable safety standards, and are built to provide decades of dependable service. Every Vasari parking lift is designed and manufactured to nationally recognized safety standards such as NEC, ANSI, and OSHA. There are over 20 different safety/security features and options made available on every design.


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