We take building your Vasari parking lift personal.

Every Vasari parking lift is custom built to meet the unique needs of our customers. In order to create a personal design plan, we have developed a process to determine your car lifts functional requirements and preferences.

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Understanding your parking needs is the most important portion of your buying process. It is the foundation of building your customized parking lift. Details of how you plan to use your lift, garage structure, dimensions, and building code requirements are the most important aspect of our custom engineering process. Our consultants will guide you through this process to ensure all accurate measurements are provided.

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Project Proposal

After the initial consultation, our sales consultants will work from the information provided to prepare a concept drawing, detailed specifications, and personalized project proposal. We may at this time recommend an appropriate dealer in your area to provide local support and installation.

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Once you have accepted the proposal, our engineers will finalize the design and submit approval drawings specifically representing all aspects and specifications to your project. It is recommended once you receive your approval drawings that your contractor begin obtaining permit approvals.

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Once you have signed off on the approval drawings and have made a deposit, we will then be ready to move forward with the manufacturing process of building your Vasari custom car lift.

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Manufacturing Process

Now that all the preliminary work is accomplished, the work begins. Our highly skilled tradesmen will build your Vasari lift with superior craftsmanship and attention to detail that we have built our reputation on for over 65 years.

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We take special care to prepare your car lift for shipping by carefully packaging all materials, and labeling all components and parts. We will work to coordinate the shipping of the Vasari Lift to your site at the appointed time.

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We work with either your contractor or dealer to locate a quality installer in your area. Or we will work directly with your contractor to fully understand the installation process.

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Warranty & Support

We have a deep commitment to your satisfaction. We are confident that you will be satisfied with the quality and durability of your Vasari parking lift. We offer one of the best warranties in the industry and support of our car lift equipment. We have an experienced customer service staff that can coordinate installation, troubleshoot, or set up maintenance visits. We have qualified dealers, installation contractors, and maintenance crews in offices located in or near every major metropolitan area who specialize in the type of mechanical and/or electrical service required for your vehicle lift.

* Warranty period begins upon shipment of the product