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Underground Car Lift for Garage Expansion

The Challenge

A homeowner and car enthusiast in an established neighborhood in Scottsdale, Arizona wanted more room to store his Classic Mustang and other vehicles.  He set out to do a garage expansion project and contracted with a local construction company to help with the add-on including excavated a pit for an underground parking area. The homeowner contacted Vasari for a customized car lift to take his vehicle to the underground space.  

The Vasari Solution

The team at Vasari built a custom 4 Post Hydraulic car lift to the precise design specs provided by the contractor.  The car lift is designed to provide parking for two full sized vehicles or SUVs by vertically stacking them within the same footprint. One vehicle drives onto the lower carriage then lowered underground while a second vehicle can park on the upper canopy that is flushed with the garage floor. Safety is our # 1 priority at Vasari and all our car lifts include a standard safety package providing the homeowner complete confidence when the lift is in operation or at rest.  Safety features include: stainless steel command center, emergency stop operator, wired camera system, motion detectors, audible signal for notification of lift movement, parking indicator, beveled toe guards for canopy perimeter protection.

The Vasari Benefits

The benefits are many when you invest in an underground car lift by Vasari. Whether you are building a new home or adding onto your garage, you not only add space for more parking, but you also enhance the value of your home.

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