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Vasari Side by Side 4-Car Garage Lift

The Challenge

A single-family home needed a multi-parking solution. As a new home was being built for one family with multiple vehicles and drivers, they knew they would not have enough parking spaces for everyone. Knowing they could not expand the garage on their lot line, the homeowner along with their builder reached out to us for an alternative solution.

The Vasari Solution

After a site assessment, our engineers determined that a standard 2-car garage could be turned into a 4-car garage by going underground. We designed two Vasari 4 post lift systems installed side by side within a pit excavated for the under the garage space. This will allow the family to lower two cars to an underground storage area where they will remain out of site until they are needed. Two other cars can pull on top of the lift platforms at the upper garage level.

The Vasari Benefits

Through our custom engineered solutions for residential parking challenges, we provided a space to make everyone in this family happy.

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