Optional equipment features are available to enhance the safety and functionality of your parking lift.

Rotating Turntable

Car-turntables are perfect for underground garages with limited or narrow spaces.  They rotate the vehicle to a safe drive off position avoiding any difficult obstructions.  Vasari offers turntables integrated with the car platform, or as a separate feature in a garage or driveway.

Telescoping Canopy

A telescoping canopy is the ideal solution for low-clearance garage ceilings.  The telescoping post slide within the platform sleeve with a pre-set pick up tab to raise the top canopy to the required height.

Touchscreen Controls

Touch screen operation brings total control to your fingertips. One central control center securely mounted to the wall allows the homeowner to control, monitor, and access the car lift from one convenient location.

Lift System Command Center

Our lift system control panel offers a complete unit to house all the controls from a single platform.  The panel is wired with the key pad, up/down button, key switch, and e-stop making it the command center for all your car lift operations.

Ultrasonic Vehicle Positioning Indicator

Ultrasonic vehicle positioning sensors help center the vehicle onto the lift carriage by flashing signal lights when the vehicle has been positioned correctly.

High Power Motors

7.5/10HP-1ph hydraulic power units to increase the raising time of the lift.  Draws approximately 44 amps.

Special Platform Materials

Vasari can custom build your car lift platform from a wide variety of durable materials to match your garage flooring style and requirements. We have the capability to build the platform from stainless steel, glass, translucent flooring, and other materials. We also have many options to provide surface covers that are applied directly to the smooth steel platform.  Our platform surface covers come in many non-slip materials that are both beautiful and tough.

We have many more equipment options that may not be listed. Based on your specific application, we may recommend a few others to you at the time of consultation.