Vasari is the premier car lift manufacturer specializing in designing and manufacturing of high-quality, safe, and reliable car lifts for the home. Uniquely designed for an underground garage, showroom, or single car garage, we are committed to customizing each car lift to fit the architectural space and lifestyle of our customers.



Excellence is achieved only through experience. Proudly, Vasari hails from the most esteemed legacy in our industry. Our automobile lifting technology is born from the 70-year heritage of Autoquip, the leading manufacturer of lifting equipment. Channeling Autoquip’s decades of technological expertise through our inspired design, Vasari provides creative solutions, superior craftsmanship, and an exclusive aesthetic you will not find from any other name. The result? A product that is simply unparalleled.


Vasari Car Lifts are built to last.  Our commitment to quality is uncompromised, and the materials we use are of the highest quality in the industry.  Our precision engineering and supremely skilled tradesmen attend to every detail necessary to achieve superior performance, durability, and a lifetime of reliability.


Our experienced engineers along with emerging technologies enable us to continually evaluate and improve our designs to achieve the highest quality parking lift on the market. Vasari Parking Lifts are uniquely designed by combining the power of direct acting hydraulic cylinders with the repeatable performance of mechanical equalization system giving you a safe and reliable operation. This innovative engineering coupled with incorporating advanced technologies in our control systems and monitoring devices, offer you far greater possibilities.


Safety is our highest priority. Our vehicle lifts are made to the highest applicable safety standards, and are built to provide decades of dependable service. Every VASARI parking lift is designed and manufactured to nationally recognized safety standards such as NEC, ANSI, and OSHA. There are over 20 different safety/security features and options made available on every design.





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Warranty & Support

We have a deep commitment to your satisfaction. We are confident that you will be satisfied with the quality and durability of your Vasari parking lift. We offer one of the best warranties in the industry and support of our car lift equipment. We have an experienced customer service staff that can coordinate installation, troubleshoot, or set up maintenance visits. We have qualified dealers, installation contractors, and maintenance crews in offices located in or near every major metropolitan area who specialize in the type of mechanical and/or electrical service required for your vehicle lift.

* Warranty period begins upon shipment of the product.