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Finding the Right Parking Lift Solution

September 29, 2022

Homeowners in zip codes across the country share a common problem, limited parking space. Whether a vintage Victorian in San Francisco or a spacious estate in The Hamptons, residential parking can be challenging. The issue becomes increasingly complex when you live in a historic district, are contending with stringent HOA regulations, or have a large family with multiple vehicles.

Vasari, the leader in luxury parking lifts, is proud to offer seven out-of-the-box parking solutions that take advantage of square footage that’s easily overlooked. How? By going underground!

1. Single-Car Garage Lift

You’ve found the perfect zero-lot home. It has a spacious interior, everywhere except the single-car garage. Without a driveway, your second vehicle is relegated to the curb. Problem solved by installing a Single-Car Garage Lift that can accommodate two full-sized vehicles (even an SUV)! One car is parked underground, while the other sits safely on the platform at street level.

2. Driveway Lift

Add an additional parking space underground while maintaining the functionality and beauty of your driveway. Even when space is limited, our Driveway Lift is virtually undetectable. The upper platform can be designed to blend seamlessly into your existing hardscape design!

3. Vault Lift

Sometimes your vehicles require a higher level of security. Maybe it’s a classic European sedan or a limited edition convertible. Or perhaps you’ve acquired a few Italian motorcycles. Consider a Vasari Vault Lift when you need the additional peace of mind that only an underground monitored high-security location can provide.

4. Showroom Lift

Some people collect coins, wine, or stamps. And some lucky people collect cars. Whatever you collect, you want the ability to show it off in style! Display your car collection with a custom Vasari Showroom Lift that reflects your personality. Our lift designs position vehicles underground when not on display. Let us help you turn your office or home into the showroom of your dreams!

5. Underground Parking Lift

If your home’s floor plan includes a basement, why not consider utilizing any unused space to create a safe haven for your vehicles? An Underground Parking Lift can be designed to accommodate multiple cars and features easy drive-on/off capabilities.

6. Turntable Lift

If the interior of your garage is tight, simplify your exit with a Vasari Turntable Lift. The lift can rotate up to 360 degrees to reposition the vehicle making drive-off a breeze (especially helpful on busy streets!). And if you’re a collector, why not let visitors enjoy the view of your favorite car from every angle?

7. Shuttle Parking Lift

When you require an integrated solution to quickly move cars from the lift and into a storage area, the Vasari Shuttle Parking Lift is the answer. By using a moving platform, vehicles are easily transferred to and from the desired storage location.

Let’s Customize Your Lift

Each Vasari lift can be customized to meet your unique specifications. We offer additional features and safety options that make your lift easy to use and enhance your property’s value. From our Ultrasonic Vehicle Positioning Indicator (sensors and lights that confirm the vehicle’s position on the lift) to advanced Touchscreen Controls that create a centralized operating hub, we’re ready to help you check off all of the boxes on your parking wish list!

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