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Single-Car Garage Lift for Dream Home

The Challenge

New homeowners were building their dream home in a historic area where the lot lines were small. They were faced with making a decision of building more living space or having a multi-car garage. In consulting with their architect, they worked out plans for a single-car garage, but one that would include the installation of a car lift to transport their multiple cars to a basement garage for storage.

The Vasari Solution

To complete their dream home, we custom-designed a single-car garage lift for the homeowner to park multiple cars underground.

To keep the homeowner’s family safe when operating the lift, we added a few extra safety features:

  • Emergency Stop Button – immediately stops the lift when pressed.
  • Digital Security Pad – ensures operation of the lift is limited to authorized users only.
  • Security Key Switch – the lift will not operate unless a key is in place to a turned “On” position.
  • Motion Detectors – the lift will stop if the sensors pick up any interference around the lift and stop its movement.
  • Remote Digital Camera & Monitor – aids in the recognition of potential interference during the lift operation.

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