Single-Car Garage Lift for Dream Home


Dream home in historic district uses a Vasari single-car garage lift to transfer vehicles to underground storage area.


New homeowner's were building their dream home in an historic area where the lot lines were small.  They were faced with making a decision of building more living space, or having a multi-car garage.  In consulting with their architect, they worked out plans for a single car garage, but one that would include the installation of a car lift to transport their multiple cars to a basement garage for storage.


To complete their dream home, we custom designed a single-car garage lift for the homeowner’s to park multiple cars underground.

To keep the homeowner’s family safe when operating the lift, we added a few extra safety features:

  • Emergency Stop Button – immediately stops the lift when pressed.
  • Digital Security Pad – insures operation of the lift is limited to authorize users only.
  • Security Key Switch – the lift will not operate unless key is in place to a turned “On” position.
  • Motion Detectors – the lift will stop if the sensors pick up any interference around the lift and stop its movement.
  • Remote Digital Camera & Monitor – aids in the recognition of potential interference during the lift operation.